Who are We

A bunch of family oriented people, who want to bring positive change in Pakistan. Keen, dedicated and experienced. Our profiles will be up soon…

What We Do

Innovative Approach
PRIME mixes an innovative approach to the recruitment framework. A comprehensive cost- effective process. Replacing capital-intensive recruitment processes with a predictive variable cost process. Ensuring a sustainable approach to recruitment, retention, rewarding, training and turnover.

For employers and jobseekers, we find the best job/person fit. Applying tested processes including screening, testing, assessing, benchmarking, consulting, counselling, training and developing. The process is recognised and accredited internationally, giving the process credence.

What We Offer

Collectively with our overseas associates, we offer on a virtual platform, services in people development. Personal and professional growth for individual and fit for purpose employees for organisations.

Training and Development, competencies and capabilities assessment, gap analysis, content development for job description and benchmarking.