Prevue Assessment

The Prevue Assessments measure 20 different scales of an individual covering the areas of General Abilities, Interests/Motivation & Personality.

Within each area, our tests dive deep to show you a comprehensive look at yourself.

Why leave it to chance, take the Prevue Full Assessment Suite and demonstrate your true self.

Verifying and validating your abilities, interests, motivation and personality by an independent agency will add value to your profile, increasing your chance of success.

Get hired with a reputable and recognised company.

Prevue Benchmark Activation

For Individuals - Activate the Prevue Benchmark to find out how you compare with top performers in the international market.

For Employers - Prevue Benchmark compares individuals’ snapshot against desired industry top performers. Verifying levels of capabilities and competencies in a defined role – personality, abilities and interests.

Compare and evaluates candidates and employees against your organisation’s top performers or against international industry professional.